The Ile Bintin Club is a club of friends who have come together via an understanding of mutually shared values of integrity, decency, intellectualism and affinity for culture. These shared values have sustained Ile-Bintin over the years and are essentially the main attraction. The Club cares deeply about its members’ well-being and progress.

The Ile Bintin Club is a pressure group for advocacy on the most pertinent issues of the day, particularly where it concerns education, governance and leadership. Where necessary, we invite experts on various topics to educate our members and help advance our interests. Our members are also members of several other clubs and associations in Nigeria, particularly in Lagos, where they constitute strong caucuses for propagating the Club’s positions and values.

On the social front, Ile Bintin, is well known amongst all the important dignitaries across Nigeria and enjoys invitations to the foremost events all over the country. However, Ile Bintin carefully decides on events that it encourages members to attend. Our members cut across several professional disciplines and are diverse in age. Ile Bintin can also boast of several important dignitaries holding key leadership positions in Government and the in private sector. Our spi rit of conviviality ensures fellowship, fun, networking and pageantry for members, as well as guests.

For a Legacy towards social and intellectual advancement of our environment.

Innovation, Innovation, Innovation

Motto: …a legacy of innovation

Meet our Executives

Eng. M.A. Olatunde Dabiri
Eng. M.A. Olatunde DabiriChairman
Bayo Adeyemo
Bayo AdeyemoSocial Secretary
Alhaji Rasaq Adekunle Etiko
Alhaji Rasaq Adekunle EtikoAuditor
Dr. G.T. Alli-Balogun
Dr. G.T. Alli-BalogunVice Chairman
Otunba Wasiu Gbadebo
Otunba Wasiu GbadeboTreasurer
Adedotun Atilade
Adedotun AtiladeEx-Officio
Hon. Akinola Alli-Balogun
Hon. Akinola Alli-BalogunSecretary
Barr. T. Ola Opaleye
Barr. T. Ola OpaleyeLegal Adviser

Chairman’s Note

On resumption of office as the Chairman of The Ile Bintin Club, I made a solemn pledge to members that, my colleagues on the Executive Committee and l, would take the Club to newer heights and the next level. My confidence, at the time,grew from the fact that on the Executive Committee,we have an admirable admixture of youth and experience. I am immensely pleased to note that we have been quite successful at being able to raise the standards and levels of the Club,both through classier presentation in our social space and a deliberate and systematic projection of the Club’s ideals and ideas.

Let me add that all these could not have been achieved without the cooperation and steadfastness of the generality of members who have assisted us through contributions of new methods and ideas and their uncommon acceptability of new processes and procedures.

I should also mention that members of my Executive have other ambitious programmes in the pipeline,ranging from instituting a sponsorship agreement with corporate organisations, twinning the Club with other clubs who share our ideals and worldview; both nationally and internationally, as well as ensuring visibility through various deliberate programmes.

Some members have also approached me and some other members of the Executive with the purpose of recommending and enlisting their friends as members of the Club. Let me note that membership of Ile Bintin is strictly by invitation. Even so, we are assiduously managing the issue of a growing number of prospects who want to join the Club and I can tell you that the membership issue has now been put on the front burner. New members will be admitted after a thorough screening process,so that the ideals for which the Club was set up will be maintained.

Every club in the world is set up to protect and further the interests of its members. By logical extension, both the Executive and members have their roles to play in the progress of the Club. Thankfully, that spirit of selfless service has been the mainframe on which The Ile Bintin Club has been anchored. As for the Executive, which I chair, we are committed to serving the Club selflessly, without fear or favour but with our eyes and minds fixated on the best interest of the Club. I thank you.

Bintin o!
Engineer M. A. Olatunde Dabiri


Ile Bintin, lle Ogbon
Ile Bintin, lle Oye
Ile Bintin gb’ode Gbogbo llu kan nmi ti ti
K’o d’ara f’omo egbe
K’o d’ogba f’egbe wa K’ilu toro,
k’o r’oju lyen I t o je wa l’ogun
Eni t’o ba f’ara mo
K’o d’ara po m’egbe wa
Eni t’o ba l’odi si
K’o ma s t opo so fun wa
Nitori iyen ‘o kan wa o E 10 so l’oja

Innovation through vibrant membership and vibrant ideas!

Membership Types