A prospective member has to be sponsored by a current member in good financial standing. To begin, have your sponsor request an application form on your behalf. Complete the application, make the appropriate payment to the bank and return it to your sponsor with proof of payment. If your sponsor is unavailable, call the number at the bottom of page 3 of the application form for guidelines on alternative ways of submission.

Your application will be reviewed at the next sitting of the membership committee who will make a recommendation to the executive committee of your qualification. You’ll be notified of the result immediately a decision is made.

Ile Bintin membership comes with many privileges that we’re proud to protect.


Obtain Application Form

Have your sponsor member obtain an application form on your behalf

Complete Application Form

Complete application form ensuring that you select appropriate membership type

Make Payment to Bank

Make appropriate payment to the bank and attach a visible proof to your form

Submit Application Form

Return your application to your sponsor or follow provided guidelines; wait for confirmation.

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